Sunday, November 09, 2008

I read in this article that supermodels have their own getaway destinations. Heidi Klum hides away in Mexico with her hubby Seal. Gisele Bundchen hies off to Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro or Florianopolis. Kate Moss on the other hand chills in Mallorca, Spain whenever she wants to get away from it all.

Whoever you are, or I am, we all need to get away from it all once in a while. Whether we go local or international we just need to rejuvinate every so often and live our unrealistic dreams in order to get a grip on reality once again.

I, for one, sometimes immerse myself in the internet world when I am trying to forget about some issues. But sometimes I need to physically go out and just hide. Whether I am gone for an hour, for a weekend or so depends on the need. Although I may not go to far flung exotic places like my (fellow, ahem) supermodels do, I get the same thing out by hiding away at the following:

- At the Supermarket. Yes, getting lost in aisles and rows of grocery items can be therapeutic. One need not buy something to feel good. Although, often times than not I would get a couple or so unneccessary items.

- A walk in the Park. The grass was made for thinking people to walk on, or lay on. The benches were made to be sat on. The park was made for all these and more, especially to someone who wants to be lost, but does not want to be alone. Truly, there are endless best spots to choose from.

- That quaint cafe next door. It’s been a while since I’ve visited this spot of mine, as I often choose to just go to the above options. However, that Italian bartender’s accent sometimes is enough for me to pull that grin off my face.

- Neverland. Sleep can do wonders. Sometimes without me being aware of it, a mere overnighter (sleep) is enough to feel better the next day. Maybe a nap won’t have the same effect. But having a glass of wine before sleeping would surely be a winner!

There are different seasons and so different places apply to me whenever I choose my spot outside my apartment. Sometimes, a quick call or a long call to a friend can bring back that positive spirit in me.

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