Wednesday, November 05, 2008

From an Insider looking at the picture

With all the hullaballoo the financial world is experiencing at the moment we are all affected. I work for quite a big financial company and we too are. Maybe not as much as others, but nonetheless everything is just really entwined and there are things we cannot avoid.

So... Recently I've noticed a lot of clients cancelling their planned holidays because of the current situation. Many of them are not ashamed to tell me the real reason why they are cancelling their trip. On a few occassions, family of five or six travelling to Europe or America for four weeks, would love to push through with their plans but want to pursue a dream holiday not having to think at the back of their mind that when they get back from vacation reality will bite hard. Thus, big families opt to postpone the trip.

Having said that, there are still a number planning and booking holidays. Perhaps they are badly needing one and no cost crisis would hinder them from going on one.

Whatever it is, travel is something inevitable for some. While for others it is something that they can do without for a prolonged period. However way we cope with the changing needs of the world, we know that this situation will end one day, some day. When is the big question.

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