Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The masterchef in me

This year I am a fan again, following the reality tv show contest nearly every day. If I cannot watch it then, I see to it that I've got it recorded to watch the following evening (to my daughter's excitement - she watches too).

This year, as was last year, and the year before that - has been a tough one. Literally quite draining physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. Thus, our impending homecoming (hopefully soon) would bring a much needed rest for my small family. Admittedly, amidst all the challenges we faced as a family, my relationship with my husband has hit a plateau. There were days or weeks when we would just be too tired to relate to each other in a loving way. We didn't necessarily have to fight - but rather we'd just be simply exhausted. Having no one to rely on for that occasional breather, we just had to take turns 'breathing' or doing nothing. Some days required more effort than other days, and we have had to just wing it mostly. I'd say we are overdue to spend some real quality time together as a couple and just re-connect on a different level. At this point, we would rather relax at one or two cheap hotels in Medford for a few weekends than have to deal with household chores and the like. It would be really nice to not have to think about what to prepare for lunch and dinner, who would clean up the dishes, who would do the laundry and fold the clothes after. I can already feel my body tensing up just as I think about these chores.

Going back to my train of thought earlier about my following the reality tv show contest. I could just relate to what the contestant felt about wanting to win the running title of the show. At this very moment, and for the past couple of months, I'm just focused on getting to our goal as a family to move back to the Philippines for a year. Aside from the obvious comfort it will bring, we would get to spend time with our parents. Both sets of grandparents are just eager to spend more time with our daughter. My siblings and their kids are likewise looking forward to play dates and party celebrations which we could be a part of once again. There are just so much advantages for us. Thinking of this just makes me so much more focused on that goal. I would do whatever and everything I could possibly do to get there. I know I will, and I claim this to happen soon.

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