Monday, June 25, 2012

The travel destination of the year

Hawaii is booming again for the Australian tourist, and the local travel agents are feeling it! An airline is increasing its flights by adding more services from one of the Australian cities. Also, I for one, have been researching maui activities and booking my clients to Hawaii that I’ve got at least 15 clients visiting that state in the next 6 months. My guess is that amidst all the new destinations tourists are exploring, there is that time or market that just wants to visit a place within their comfort zone, safe haven – a tried and tested destination where millions of visitors have gone and left with happy memories no matter how cliché that is.

I am probably due a Hawaii visit soon. It has been ten years since I’ve set foot in paradise, and so the need to go back now. Coincidentally, I saw a film set in Hawaii last week. It showcased the gorgeous islands and ignited that traveller in me to book my next trip there.

The old thinking that it is an expensive place for honeymooners and rich people is old news. There are a range of hotels and resorts that cater to different markets nowadays. There are also a range of Hawaii activities that does not have to be expensive. In my opinion, Hawaii has a lot to offer different types of tourists. Tourists who want the luxury to cruise on a yacht through the islands, or the ones who came to enjoy free access to beach and laze around for weeks. I know what I would find myself doing there .. nothing! Truly, a seascape such as what they have, must be captured by doing nothing and enjoy doing nothing. It is paradise in all its glory – sea, mountains, good food, good fun, good beach. That is life!

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