Monday, June 25, 2012

Let's go home

So again, I am dreaming and thinking if we'd be spending Christmas with the whole family in Manila this year. And next year. And the year after. Yes. Really...

It's been years and years that hubby and I have been talking about in circles whether we should head home. Finally, we've decided we will. But whether that will happen soon as in by end of the year, we'll see. It could be next year. The good thing is that we've agreed that it is best. At least to live in Manila for a year or two. Just like an expat on an assignment.

We've been pushing our numbers and drafting a plan, and we should really go full speed mode if we want to have a tropical Christmas.

There were lots of considerations for us in coming up with a decision to move back. Money was one of them, and family relationships a big factor too. We've come across stories from our friends and acquaintance (and even strangers) moving back to the Philippines for a number of reasons, and one compelling reason being family.

With the global migration happening in all cities of the world, families are torn apart. Relationships stagnate at some point of the family life. Lucky for the ones who form new adopted "families" in their new communities. However, not everyone experiences that, or in the right depth/level to fill the void.

With our impending move, as much as we are keeping our options open, we are also still wanting to keep the ties we have here - somehow. After all, we could find ourselves moving back to Sydney at some point. Or not. At the moment, anything is possible.

For now, I am Manila dreaming. Hopefully to set foot home soon!

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