Saturday, June 02, 2012

Love and many Brochures

I love travel brochures. Hard copy brochures, and not e-brochures.
For some reason I end up with a lot of them each time I pass by a brochure wall. Whether I need them or not - I want them!! Hehehe! (Hoarder alert). Over the years I've managed to keep the best ones, one of a kind ones, from everywhere. And whenever I have to part with one ( involuntarily), I do so with a heavy heart - no joke!

So looking at this wall makes me itchy to plan a tour, getaway, trip somewhere. And what better way to pass time now that my dear good friend and her family are visiting my family in Sydney - in July!! (They don't have visas yet, but I am praying!)

"Love and many brochures" Photo taken by me - Holiday Inn Surfers Paradise
So, that brings me to planning a getaway! I am so excited, I can think of a number of places to take our first time Oz visitors! I should post about my must-sees in Sydney!! I can't believe I haven't collated a list yet here (silly me).

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