Monday, March 31, 2008

On weddings, rumours and other stuff..

Human nature dictates that we be interested in other people's lives. Whether we pursue gossip, or whether we stumble upon other person's life information does not matter. Whether it be a showbiz goss or a friends' chismis.
The past weekend the Pitt Jolie wedding rumour proved to be something ordinary. This rumour has been going on for ages. But, anyway, George Clooney's denied the rumor. Oh well, if I had the same high profile I would probably just elope and do it. But then again, I am not a celebrity as such (well, just a bit!:)

Having said that, don't you just gleam when finding out that a friend's recently been engaged, or a neighbour's expecting a baby, or so and so friend's gotten married within six months of knowing the guy. Whatever the circumstance, finding out about other people's lives just make us forget briefly how imperfect (or perfect) our life is. Or, how boring or interesting our life is. What ever the reasons behind it, we are just really a sociable specie always watching out for entertainment : through other people's lives.

Each one of us am sure would have fallen into this trap. Either we are the object of gossip. Or engaging in gossip. For as long as we don't believe rumours without confirming, and for as long as we don't judge people when we find out more details of their personal lives, then this should be harmless. And it would be good if the gossip ends with us. (But this is rarely the case I know).

If you were Angelina Jolie how would you feel if your personal life was watched in scrutiny, all your moves and decisions? Pity those celebrities who live a lie by having to deal with criticising press on a daily basis. Surely there should be other ways to earn big $$. (?)

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