Monday, March 10, 2008

Iphones are the new hip thing!

Yesterday I went to the beach with friends. It's been a while since I've seen them. One of them, a Russian guy had the new iphone. He was so much into his new gadget that he was endlessly talking about how much time he's been spending playing and tinkering with this amazing toy. He's even mentioned what iphone mods he's into as well as what iphone wallpapers he's recently downloaded. He was particularly excited about one iphone wallpaper he's uploaded which had an image of his dream car : a sleek, red porsche. I've told him about the site and immediately when he got home he's sent me a message about how much he's into the site! He's downloaded a few applications and some more wallpapers. I wouldn't be surprised if I see him again in the next couple of weeks that he would have purchased a few more accessories such as a new clear silicone case and a headphone adapter. There's just so much accessories available to make one's iphone hip and trend.

My Russian friend even tried to convince my other male friends to get one! Let's see the next time I see them whether he's able to influence the other people from our group! The joys of technology!

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