Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cupcake Mania

If you think cupcake mania's just in Manila, you are mistaken! It is everywhere! Even in Sydney. I have come across Cupcakes on Pitt more than a year ago, while I was training for my current job, one of the trainor/speakers have brought in these yummy goodies! It was a very welcome break to our tired brains during training. The cupcakes were so cute that you would want to stare at it first before munching them in. So cute that from time to time, visitors at work would bring boxes of these to the office. A few times there was even our company logo on the goodies! How cool!

These cupcakes are guaranteed fresh on the day, and have no preservatives at all in their ingredients. These tempting treats are priced at A$2 each, which is not a bad price at all.

I heard on Valentines day this year the line actually extended all the way to Ted's Camera store next door! Cupcakes are the new Roses??

I can't wait to have my Manila friends who are visiting (soon), to try this! I guess Sonja's Cupcakes has competition. But then again, thats miles and miles away.

P.S. At one time I actually bought this game for my palm, which was Cake Mania, if you're into baking and cakes, this is quite an interesting and fun game! It's kept me up every night for a good few months!

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