Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Baby Love

I'm almost into my 3rd month! Meaning, first trimester almost over!!

I've felt all the early pregnancy symptoms, and I am just praying that I transition into the second trimester soon with less of the symptoms. (I know I whinge a lot, but I guess if it means baby is okay then I don't mind it all!!)

The first two and a half months I've lost a lot of weight (like nearly 3 kgs), coz I could not eat anything. I had no appetite and was very lethargic. Considering I was still studying this was really a bit of a challenge. I had to ask my lecturer to extend the deadline to my papers, twice! And I am done with that subject. The question now is if I should go onto the third subject! Almost half way done with the course!! I am hoping and praying for more energy the next few months, and a better appetite too!

Part of me feels tempted to head back to Manila even for a week just to eat! Hahahaha! Really! I would love some Jolly Hotdog (with lots of cheeese), maybe Smokeys would do. And, Makati supermarket spaghetti! I've just got so much cravings for food that can only be perfectly eaten in Manila!! Oh well. We'll see. For now, I am sleepy. Need to get my rest..


Raft3r said...

hirap pag yan pinaglihihan mo
makati supermarket spag at jolly hotdog

Coriander Dreams said...

sinabi mo! siguro kaya bumababa timbang ko.. kelangan ko umuwi para kumain.

natry mo na ba yung Makati supermarket spag?? sarap no!

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