Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Road tripping in England

There are so many pretty places in England which I would love to visit. Perhaps go on a road trip and visit manors, castles, and golf courses along the way. I know I've had a client who's given feedback about going on this road trip with her husband. They loved traveling from one manor
to another, and sometimes spending a day at some bed and breakfast, and other times enjoying a day of pampering at a Hotel in Sheffield, or at a Day spa along the way.

Truly there are various ways of seeing the world in style, if one can afford these luxuries. Otherwise, there are lots of ways to travel in style without having to spend way too much.


Raft3r said...

my friend used up all her savings to backpack in europe
and she said it was all worth it

Gorgeous MUM said...

Friendship is the comfort that comes from knowing that even when you feel all alone, you aren't.

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