Rain, Rain, Go away

It's been raining for the past week. And I mean each and every day, since monday. Non stop. I don't think I saw the sun rise, or set this week. It's friday tomorrow and it is meant to rain still, all the way til sunday! How sad!

We don't really have that much storm in Sydney, unlike in Manila where you'd have it on and off for a few months. Here, we do have them bad occassionally, causing floods even. But on other occassions it would just be nonstop rain for days. Or weeks. I think last year it rained for two whole weeks straight (or maybe just 1 or 2 days semi-clear day). It can get quite windy too.

The only positive thing about this, I notice, is that at work or anywhere, in the lifts people talk to each other even if they don't know the person. Always talking about how cold it is, or asking whether they've been outside and if it was cold or windy or whatever. Some small talk.

Everybody talks about the weather. Be it small or big talk.

I just pray that the rain goes away before tuesday. *big day flight to Mauritius*


Raft3r said…
i dunno about you
pero the rain makes me sad

ewan ko nga ba kung bakit
lalo na pag drizzle lang
lalo ako nalulungkot


happy weekend!!!
i wonder why pag drizzle? but, i agree with you. it makes me sad too!

oh well...
Happy weekend too! :)

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