Monday, June 09, 2008

Dreaming Cruising

I have always been fond of cruises, although I have never been on any that lasted more than half a day, on a real luxury liner. I’ve been to a lot of sightseeing cruises. I’ve been on a two night cruise from Manila to Cagayan De Oro, but that was nothing like a luxury cruise. Having said that I have booked so many cruises for passengers. One that I have recently booked is the Azamara Cruises. This somewhat new cruise line commenced operation only about two years ago. They offer quite a number of cruises around Asia, South America, Europe, Mediterranean and even Australia! This means I have more chances of going on one around this vast island continent I live in. Perhaps, my next familiarization tour would be some trip on one of their Mediterranean Cruises! The Azamara cruise ships are quite special. They are more intimate, meaning they only have limited guests onboard, and because of the small ship size they have the advantage of cruising along exotic and unreached ports. Each stateroom on the Azamara ships have private butler service ready to action whatever that you fancy.What else could one ask for from a luxury cruise? I am definitely grabbing a chance to cruise when I get the opportunity!

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