Saturday, June 28, 2008

Plans and dream homes

I was so close to buying a property in the city a month ago. Thinking about everything involving House Plans excited me and hubby. However due to interest rates going up (it still is just heading straight to the ceiling) and other personal reasons I have decided to just hold off for now. Although our plans are on hold, we are still always talking about details on what kind of design or theme we would like for our first home together. Whether it was a country house or a very modern looking house, I’m sure it will be something nice. Hubby has got a great eye for quality furniture and about arranging them at home. Having said that I too like decorating my house however sometimes I have a tendency to buy one piece of furniture regardless if it matched my other furniture. I am learning though and soon I would be an expert at creating Home Plans ( I suppose still not as good as hubby).

Another thing that interests us is investing in a vacation home, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We haven’t gone as far as doing Log home plans or anything like that, but we are thinking of a nicely done with the perfect ambience to get away from it all during weekends. For now these are all plans, but with a lot of hard work and patience we will reach our goals one day. Until then, we can always dream and surf around the internet for great home ideas.

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