Friday, June 06, 2008

What's the use of scopes

I’ve always wanted to visit the Sydney Observatory, and so when my family was around, and I was looking for activities for us to do, I decided to take them to the planetarium. We went at night, and saw a lot of cool telescopic gadgets to look through and see the world beyond earth. Imagine looking through this magnificent set of lenses and glasses, and seeing bursts of light that are hundreds and thousands of light years away! It was amazing. I would recommend this to anyone who visits Sydney. Or perhaps any city you visit that has a planetarium would be quite an experience. The telescopes used are similar to Riflescopes in a way that they project quite a distance from where you are. However, the telescopes at the Observatory were far advanced in terms of technology; the tactical telescopes are nonetheless amazing as well. Imagine seeing through that lens your opponent in a jungle setting. I remember the time when we went and played laser skirmish at Gosford with my siblings. We were able to have a taste of what these tactical gears had to offer!

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