Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thoughts and more on Halloween Costume

I have spoken to my sister recently and we were just talking about the nice and fun holiday that she and my other siblings had in Australia. One of the activities that I booked them to go to was the Sydney Night Ghost Tour. This tour is quite popular in Sydney, as the owner and tour guide actually wore a Scary Halloween Costume. The husband and wife team would wear a vampire inspired costume. This couple was cool enough to wear their costume proudly prancing in Sydney’s streets, and have actually given me some cool Halloween costume ideas.

When I was new to the city, I have seen them around The Rocks area (which is an old district that was known for scary stories of ghosts and the like) in their outfit and found that interesting but weird. After all it was not anywhere near Halloween at that time. It was only later on that I found out they were conducting ghost tours that things made sense.

Nowadays it is not unusual to hold theme parties where the guests would have to come in their costumes. Whether it was Hollywood theme, or Super Heroes, or Movies. I was once invited to attend a couples theme party. I considered going with hubby, dressing us up in Superman and Supergirl costumes! I ended up not going to the party though because I was unwell.

In a few months, Halloween would be up. As a child, I remember loving to play dress up in costume, particularly during halloween. Going through my village doing trick or treat, dressed as a witch! It is such a shame though that trick or treating is not as popular as it is in America. People here don’t really celebrate it as much, otherwise, as old as I am now I would probably want to go in a sexy witch costume. Or, maybe not! But perhaps my future kids would love trick or treating as much as me.

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