Saturday, June 07, 2008

Moving out of home

Do you remember the time when you moved out of your parents’ house? I do. I actually moved out when I moved to Sydney. Initially I lived with a family who has been friends with my family ever since I can remember. When I moved in with that family friend, I had no say whatsoever in my bedroom furniture, or what I can or can’t do within the confines of my own space. It was all right though. I had a neat room with light or pastel yellow colored walls, big closet, my own computer table and computer, a bedside drawer, and a lamp. It was quite basic, but I appreciate them taking me into their home. It was a huge house with a swimming pool and a big garden, as well as two living rooms, a TV room, a prayer room and an office. Their home office furniture were nice and big. The office had it’s own receiving area with big fluffy cushion couches. My friends and classmates who would visit me says I live in a mansion! That was all before I moved to my humble home now. All on my own, I decide on what furniture to buy, in what color and in what style. My current space is a one bedroom which measures only about 50 square metres. It is quite big for one person, but I find myself always needing more space to chuck my things in. I guess all girls should have one room or closet dedicated to fit trinkets, clothes and other girl item essentials. It would be really nice if I could get storage beds that would have some nook and cranny filled in with more of my stuff!

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