Sunday, June 01, 2008

Being a travel agent

Last night I was researching on hotels for my trip to Mauritius, as well as other travel details such as what to bring, what the weather would be like, etc. I couldn’t be more excited to travel to this place. It’s not one of those places that people usually visit. I’ve read that celebrities have their honeymoon in Mauritius, or just go to the island to hide away from it all. I will be going away for about 7 nights in a few days time and since this is for work, we are staying at cool five star hotels. When I say hotels I mean quite a few. We’d be staying at four different hotels. This doesn’t mean though that we’d see only four, because in my job, when we are sent overseas to inspect hotels we’d have a taste of a few, but are most likely to visit more hotels than where we're staying at. Particularly the ones which we sell a lot, or those that belong to the same market we sell. For example, if we were to be sent in Italy to see Venice, Rome, and Naples, we would most likely check out a fair bit of what Hotel Venice, Hotel Rome, Hotel Naples are like. This is one of the perks of being a travel agent. We get to see places, hotels, or experience tours all because we need this in order to be better at our chosen careers. To travel for free, well sort of. I only chipped in about 100 dollars for the entire trip; meaning includes flights, meals, accommodation, etc. That’s a decent amount if I may say so, considering it would be pure luxury that we’d be experiencing. I think I’d spend a lot more than that on my shopping to buy clothes to wear while I’m there! Well I couldn't wear something too plain while sipping cocktails at the beach with some celebrity!

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Raft3r said...

you got a pretty interesting job
makalipat nga ng propesyon

have a great week ahead, marie!!!

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