There's a reason why

There's a reason for everything.

A reason to why I'm not in the IT industry.. as you can see I am struggling with my blog layout. I've been fiddling with it for days and I am not successful. It's kinda frustrating. Over the next few weeks I'd still be tinkering with this layout, themes, templates, etc. With my trip coming up I may not be able to spend as much time doing this as I want.

So far, I like how the template looks like, but I can't seem to add a menu at the header part. And my widgets are stretching when I try to add something maybe too big? (No matter if I resize it). I've got other issues, but I like the colour and all, so I may stick with this Aspire template for now.

Just now I realise I have quite a few tags to accomplish. I've been slack in doing them cause I was busy trying to be my own IT helpdesk. :) Oh well.... Life goes on..


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