Sunday, June 22, 2008

Photos from my Mauritius Trip

A few photos from my trip. Some are details of the places I've been to, and the hosted events I participated in. Really, it's just a summary of my Mauritian experience. Enjoy! Visit my other blogs for more photos! I've purposely scattered the photos in all my sites. Gorgeous Traveller, A traveller's domain, Lemon iced tea.

..I woke up a few mornings early enough to witness glorious sunrise/s.
..I was luckily billeted in lovely single rooms in great properties (few times I had a junior suite all to myself!)
..I enjoyed taking photos of people and things, downtown at the markets, as we drove through small towns,and at various events we went to.
..It was winter in Mauritius at that time, but we had a fair bit of sunshine! Other times though, it was pure wind! Haha! Saw a rainbow thrice! :)
..Yummy seafood. Throughout the trip we indulged in degustation! Buffet breakfasts daily! At least five course lunch/dinners! Overflowing alcohol! :)


dyosa said...

i so want to go to Mauritius. fantastic photos! the beach is just wonderful! love it.

by the way, thanks for the add. i appreciate it. take care.

Constance Chan said...

OMG!! you are teasing me with those beautiful pictures! i'm sure you had a beautiful time.

the teach said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos of a wonderful vacation! :) Thanks for commenting at my MM post! :)

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