Tuesday, June 24, 2008

On being tropical ~ A list

Having relocated to a country which has winter season, or rather a city which has got cold winter days, I have come up with my own ways to beat the cold days, or nights. Sydney's not known to have really cold winters, but for a tropical person like me, anything below 20 degrees celsius would have to be cold. I actually have gotten a bit better. I can do 18 degrees and still feel fine and dandy. But the other morning, it was about 5 degrees!! We all have ways to combat the cold weather... here's what I do to temporarily keep me warm.

  • I take a long and hooooottt shower! Temporary warmth is better than none!
  • I have a hot chocolate, and keep both my hands wrapped in the cup until I've absorbed all the heat.
  • If I am at home, I just wear layers and layers of clothes beneath my blankie! I even use my PC sometimes don up with my hoodie, longsleeves, thick socks, scarf and to top that would be my wool blanket!
  • Wash my hands with warm water!! nearly boiling! haha!
  • If all else fails, then take whatever I'm doing and sit next to the heater!!
  • Snuggle up and contain body heat! :)
PS> That week long trip to Mauritius was a great break from winterland Sydney! I am dreaming to be back there now...

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