Termites attack

Pests are such nightmares! Whether they’re house rats, roaches, flies, trash worms, they are just really so icky. I consider spiders one of my biggest fears. I just get totally helpless when I spot one inside my apartment. Living in Australia one is faced with pests such as these. I don’t mean to sound rude as spiders among other insects are considered to be quite a house pet ( I have a friend here who actually just lets the spiders roam freely around their house). One thing that is unavoidable though, are termites. Whether it’s termites inside the house, or termites near house, they can take over your precious wood in an instant! I remember a long time ago, my pet’s humble home got invaded by these termites! It was a nightmare! I had to go and get my dog a new house! I am sure there would have been an answer to save our precious wood. I wish I knew this.


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