Monday, June 09, 2008

TV or Couch?

I’ve been looking for new furniture to match my somewhat small couch. It has been so long that I’ve wanted to buy a bigger couch but then due to financial restraints, I am torn between buying a bigger couch or a new home theatre appliance. Part of me wants to just keep my old seat, and buy a big plasma television and DVD Mini Theater System. However that means watching my favorite movies in a really nice screen, but scrunching while seated in my old couch. I guess I can’t have everything, or at least not yet.

For now, I am satisfying the need to shop by just searching online through Shopwiki, which is a really great site. Instead of having to go through individual shop websites, shopwiki captures them all for me, by listing different stores and their bargains for a plasma television. I actually found a Panasonic 42” Plasma TV that might actually fit my budget! I will have to discuss with hubby though if we are able to make this purchase now or whether we should just wait for our tax return money. I am keeping my fingers crossed until then.


Raft3r said...

guys love gadgets & hitech stuff
i'm sure payag si hubby mo dyan

Coriander Dreams said...

Hi Raftr, Well, of course you're right! TV it will be! :D

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