Sunday, December 14, 2008

Office Christmas Parties

Don't we all just love this season of merrymaking, food, music, dressing up, friendships, families, gifts, giving, receiving, sharing, etc!

Last friday I attended my work Christmas party, and as much as I wanted to stay with the rest of the girls to party until at the most midnight (yes, I am old and this is a personal choice), I had other commitments to attend to so I stayed only for a few hours. Still good, and I am glad I left at that time, just enough for me to have enjoyed.

I know this is not uncommon, but a few years ago, again at the Office Christmas Party, there were quite a few unacceptable happenings that left some people regretting, others offended, and still the rest satisfied and happy. I think at these events, it is always still wise to keep some sort of etiquette. Especially since they are people we usually deal with on a professional level. Wouldn't one feel embarrassed if their boss witnessed drunk behaviour and lewdness?!

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