Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Come Home

I really hope this is it! Hubby has finally agreed to go home. Next month!! Yipee!! After 3 long years! (4 years for hubby).

There are so many reasons why I am even more excited for this trip home than the last (eons ago):

> Little girl will be 4 years old - She can now appreciate family time. She would have a B-L-A-S-T with her cousins (as they are all nearly the same age!).

>Quality time with grandparents/our parents. Our Parents are getting older and they long to spend time with us, as much as us with them. Little B is the most excited of all! We have been Skype-ing with my family very often lately. And this is as requested by my daughter. The bubbly up and down jumping when video of grandparents load -- is absolutely priceless!!!! (My heart melts).

>It's been too long since our small family has had a proper vacation. I don't even remember the last one. Must have been 4 years ago. That. Long. Ago. Although we are on a tighter budget this time around, I am still thankful for the opportunity. Surely the best things in life are still free - or cheap, maybe?

>Food trip!! Family escapades. Memory lane!! Hubby and I have been reminiscing about the stuff we love and miss about home. The last time all three of us were in Manila, it was a very short 7 days with hubby. and about 15 days for me and little girl. We were back in Sydney in a blink. Tagaytay overnight is number one on our agenda. Chill.

>For me, I am wanting some sister time. I miss my little sister so much. She's taken my throne as the big sister, and has been through a lot of pressure the past years. I just want to hang out at the roof top, with our coffees and endless stories. But of course that might not happen - since we both have kids now. Her with 2 toddlers in tow. We might move our usual venue.. to the play room! Much looking forward to it nonetheless!

>I can write a million reasons to go home, be excited. The past 1.5 years has been really hectic, tiring, crazy, highly pressurised. I am sure this will be a highlight for the year 2014. I am even wanting to skip Christmas and New Year's eve.... just so we can hop on a plane and jet off!!!!!!
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