Thursday, September 02, 2010

Yes, finally

Finally I will be working my hours, wherever I want! Yipee!! Yes, whether I am in Sydney or in Manila for as long as I have my laptop and mobile I will be able to do business. I know I make it sound as if that's easy but really it will be hard work. I will have distractions everywhere... tv, nice weather, laziness, etc.

But I suppose being with my little B the most challenging, since I will need to work my time management. I anticipate times when I will be unable to resist her charms and would like to play with her, in spite of a big First Class enquiry or some random package.

Oh well. Such is life. I wish I can have everything all at once. I wish I could update my blogs as often as I want. Oh, and bake lots and lots of cake and goodies. Hmm.

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