Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Every parent knows

... how to make their son/daughter eat heartily!

Ever since I saw this plate by Fred (Ms Food Face), at Myer, I could not help but rummage my mind about creating meal time fun. My mum is really good at this and has given me some stuff to try on little B. I have a bread toast shape maker, rice shapes, etc. I wish I could come up with more ideas so that the little girl would eat better. Her food repertoire is not very extensive, and veggies are a constant struggle to make her eat. Hopefully I could get her this Ms Face plate and it would encourage her to be "friends" with her food (and eat it!).

Ms Food Face by Fred
What are your other ideas to make your little one eat? I can think of many ways I have dressed up pancakes, hiding veggies in spaghetti (and other soup), but have not experimented with a whole lot. I know I should really try harder to come up with interesting food.

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