Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Travel Guides from Yesteryears

I believe there are not enough travel guides out there, but having one like Eyton would be a good source of real information from a reputable source. Somehow the products to view from their website give one a clearer picture of what to expect from a city (or a hotel) in a particular country. I wish I had that knowledge stored somewhere in my brain, that way perhaps I would be a better travel agent, but I suppose that is the purpose of the internet nowadays - a very good source of information.

I cannot imagine how travel consulting would have been in the early days when computers much less the internet did not exist. The information on travel publications would have expired the minute it was published, and amending information would be costly and time consuming. Imagine having to research all about a particular city you are wanting to visit. One would source this from the library, or by word of mouth from friends and relatives who have been there. Alternatively, if one had a very nice experience to share (or a ghastly encounter) that they would like to share - they would have to wait for the right time and of course someone willing and eager to listen (it would be a plus if you are a good speaker and conversationalist). Publishing a travel guide book would probably not have been a good option during those times, but it may have been a good idea if you are a brilliant illustrator who can either paint with words or compose a nice photograph to share with the world.

If I lived back then, I would probably see myself doing just that. Travelling the world, taking awesome photographs, and printing them in a small travel booklet (just like a guide). I would probably have travel coupons attached too to make it even more interesting! However, we live in the here and now, and we have Eyton, with all the up to date information you could want! They have great information on their website, and gorgeous pictures, which I definitely appreciate. It's quite a virtual experience when you visit Eyton.

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