Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Memory = Sum Numba (a.ka. Some number!)

My life revolves around numbers and letters and symbols.. on a daily basis! Of course I am talking about passwords to everything and anything, as well as other trivial stuff!

A million password matches all jumbled up in my head. Tax file numbers, birthdates, ages, dates to remember. One thing is for sure though, I know my credit card numbers (expiry and validation codes) by heart (x 2) (yep, x 2 cards). I am therefore forever being tempted to purchase something in an instant. And no excuses not wanting to get up and get the card from the wallet.... hmm. Bad, bad, bad. Must erase this from my memory.

Sometimes I find myself having too good a memory for my own good. I have a photographic memory to add, which has only gotten slightly (??) worse with pregnancy and childbirth.

I am now on a hunt for games and activities to sharpen my memory!!
Photo from http://www.learning-mind.com/secret-of-sharp-memory-revealed/

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