Monday, February 06, 2017

Selling Sydney

Ok, I don't own Sydney - not even one bit of it. However, I am trying to sell Sydney as a travel destination. So, my first client (who is a big fan of Sydney ever since- is my dad) is visiting Sydney in two weeks. I am coming up with different ideas, activities, etc for us to do on weekends and weekdays when the little girl is in school. Here are a few things I have listed so far: (will add on as I go)

Park Feast @ Bella Vista Farm - 25 and 26 February, 2017 
We haven't been to the Park Feast celebration last year, but hoping to make it this time around. They have at least 30 food trucks available to choose from, lots of amusements and stalls. The celebration goes from 11AM to 10PM on both days. Not sure if there are fireworks, but I am guessing there would be! The venue is very pretty with heritage buildings, lots of greens, and some shade too - if it gets too hot!

Shark Island Picnic
One school day, we might go to Shark Island for a little picnic. I have been there only once and have enjoyed it so much. It is very easy to go around the island in about half an hour. The harbour view is super and surely with dad and the little one, it will be a nice day out. Hopefully on a good sunny day!

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Rozelle Market
The market is only open on weekends..... But I just read now that they have terminated operation at the Rozelle usual spot!!! So I am now on the hunt for another market we can go to on the weekend!!!
Sad :( Mom really loved Rozelle Market - and dad too!

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My parents love seafood and love visiting the Fish Market. So, almost each time they visit Sydney - we head to the exciting Sydney Fish Market for lunch, together with the seagulls, and many other tourists. This is a must visit for us in two weeks!

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