Monday, June 03, 2013

Past... Forward

Recently my friend and I have been pondering about what's happened in the past, wanting to re-live the moments. And yet, partly wanting to fast forward to five years from now - anticipating what the future chapter beholds. A lot of times we are reliving the past and yet living in the future as well, when really we should be living in the "now" and just cherish the current moment!

Yesterday's fate has already been, and we get that comfort knowing we know what has already happened. And yet, we continue to try and anticipate everything that will happen tomorrow. There is a fine line's difference in planning for the future and being obssessed with controlling things that we can't possibly hold. Sometimes I find myself caught in between these..

Here is a photo I took many years ago, back when things were quite simple (but at that moment seemed like a complex dilemma). Was I so wrong in thinking they were endless tangled strings! Surely, life has a way of deciding for us sometimes - for the best, hopefully.
Taken @ Intramuros, Manila - 2007

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