Thursday, January 16, 2014

Oh Diego!

Instead of doing the million things that I must do, I chose to google Diego Bunuel. One of my most recent gorgeous crushness. It has been a very, very long time since I've had one - And I don't blame it on having too much time on my hands because I don't have any! I rarely watch TV and if I do it is most likely when Masterchef is on, or National Geo Adventure's Don't tell my mother - which Diego hosts. I only came across his  series this year (oh, better late than never!!) and instantly fell in luuuve. Must be the charm behind his attractive eloquence. Or the eyes that talk much more - offering an ever friendly gaze to the person he exchanges words with, either in French, Spanish or English. *Sigh* more pogi points to add onto his boyish charm. His series take you to (dangerous) road less travelled cities of the world, showcasing more than the usual landscapes and more into the lives of people in these places. Apparently he's graduated with a Journo degree from Northwestern Uni, well travelled journalist, and is French-Spanish-Mexican by descent and - currently married with kids! (Shame, shame, shame, if only... haha).

Enough of my drooling and onto other important things..
Photo from Google

Photo from Google

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