Friday, January 17, 2014

You think you like it?

Sometimes we have gotten so used to something
that we make ourselves believe we still like it.
Even when we no longer do.
We still continue to take one bite after another,
because the taste is so familiar.
Even when each bite brings us closer to.. nothing.
Meaningless chewing.

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Sometimes we aspire and want something for so long that we create an idea in our mind
An idea sans imperfection and at the same time away from reality.

Sometimes we create a bubble of a big idea
that we (think) we know, completely,
Only to hold onto that bubble which ...really exists.
It exists in our mind, in our memory,
of something that once was, but no longer is.
Or of something which always just existed,
in that corner of our mind
far and protected from everything else.
And by everything else, I mean far from truth (and reality).

Just a random feeling I put into words as I was eating a big cake slice. Which I eventually just threw in the bin, because continuing to eat it was pointless. It didn't satisfy my craving, my hunger and I couldn't really taste it anymore. Maybe it was too big a piece? Maybe it wasn't baked to my liking? I know for a fact I am a chocoholic and so I tried to understand why I couldn't finish my chocolate cake slice. Sorry baker, it's nothing personal....

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