Monday, January 14, 2008

Person at Work

Today one girl who sat across from me said or muttered something that was not very nice. In a lot of ways it was directed at me. I have tried to just let it pass. It was one of those judgemental things said by some random person who barely knew the real you, and what one was going through. If I could this is what I would say back to her. Earlier today I chose not to, as it might not have sounded as good as it might now. I might have said things that I would later on regret. Or maybe, I might not have said anything at all as well earlier. But this one is if I had my way . . Now.

You think you know me, but you really dont.
I just wished and prayed for you. That you said that out of.. mere tactlessness.
It was not the nicest thing to say. To anyone at all.
I dont think you would appreciate it if I said that of you, to you.
So dont. Next time you want to. Just think for a moment. If you can. If you are capable of thinking.
I have let other times pass, thinking that maybe you are just a loud and insensitive person.
Well, now really, you have just made it clear to me, that you are really one.
I want you to know that for a moment (or for quite a lot of moments today) you made me feel hurt, more like a loser.
But that was just today. Tomorrow, I wont let your words reach me that way. No more. Not ever.
That's the last of it, and as much as I feel you don't want to associate yourself with me.
Well, the feeling is so mutual. I am affirmed by that first impression I had of you.
I have tried to like you from the very beginning. But I guess some things are just not meant.
Which is fine. I have let go of it now. I choose my battles, and fortunately you are not one of them.

There is nothing great that will come out of it if I go into discourse with you, pathetic friend.

I've read my daily dose today, and it was about looking at the bigger picture sometimes can make you appreciate something more. As opposed to looking at something too closely that you are stuck in that perspective. Oh well, I choose to look from afar. I know you have not gone to university, thus have limited grasp of things/etiquette and all that fine things in life. Thus, we are not at the same level, I choose not too look at things the way you might do so. In looking at the Sistine Chapel, we may opt to look at it too close and we critique everything to the last bit of chipped paint, or you can view from afar and marvel in its grandiosity.

What a way to have a second entry here, but oh well. This is my journey. And what happens happens. C'est la vie!

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