Monday, October 13, 2008

Crisis and Stuff

Was having lunch with a good colleague today and we talked about how expensive it is to purchase a house nowadays. Having said that though, we both know quite a few people who’ve recently bought houses and so far they are not that stressed out about repayments. But then again watching the news, and listening to other people’s stories, some of them work seven days a week, and have two or three jobs (both husband and wife). Really, I guess when one is ready to buy, the timing does not matter as much (I mean recession or not), if it is the right one and one has prepared and researched extensively then no one can really question. I am just thinking about those Tampa Realtors and whether with all the media frenzy and information about the global financial crisis, whether they are still able to sell properties now. I know that my sister in law in the US is currently looking for a property, but unfortunately is having a difficult time doing so (due to so many reasons), I suppose I could try to help her research on properties being offered by Realtors in Tampa. She is pregnant as well and wanting to purchase a bigger house as soon as possible, so it is not healthy for her to stress about these things.

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