Monday, October 20, 2008

Laptop Break

I Can't wait to get my internet connected!! Finally (cross fingers) I get it set up by tomorrow night!! :) It's just so annoying that I can't open up and read my blogger friends' blog updates with different windows open, while I check email, read online Filipino news, and my Pinoy showbiz,etc!

I have to admit I enjoyed giving my laptop a bit of a break. I was able to catch up on sleep. I think almost every day I was asleep way before midnight. I was awake as well by about 7 or 8 am. I have let go of a lot of blog opportunities and entries I said I would do, but then again I don't regret it (much). I know I would live another day without net. I guess when you don't have a choice then you just have to live with that fact.

Oh well.

I have also gone to a couple of places, picnics, night outs with friends and colleagues and of course boyfriend. I guess every once in a while we all need a break from the online world. I had mine, for the year! So, next hiatus would hopefully be not until next year. HAHA.

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Constance Chan said...

hi marie! good to know know that you had a good break from the virtual world. its the same with me. all my blogs were spanked with zero PRs and I decided to take a real no pay leave for a while, not even bothering to check the ops page.. reduce stress too. and i slept as early as 10pm on somedays, and life seemed rosier and i got to spend more time with my girls... can you imagine they were all there and I was just buried in my blogs and ops all the time. we need a good balance in our life, sometimes.

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