Saturday, October 11, 2008

You appreciate something when it's not there

That's the way it usually is. It's been just under two weeks that I haven't had proper internet at home! :X

I use my mobile 1 gig internet sparingly since I don't really know how much net I use normally for surfing or blogging. Good thing I can check my emails at work, so that means I don't have to when I get home!

One thing that I realised I am obsessed with now, checking either at work or on my mobile, is the current weather status!! I guess since we are in between seasons at the moment it helps me plan what I should wear. Just last week we had a couple of warm/hot days as in reaching 30+ degrees C. Now, we are again hitting 15/16 degrees!! But then again, you know how sometimes temperature inside the house is not necessarily reflecting how it is outside? Oh well.

I have to go, more updates soon!

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