Monday, September 29, 2008

At 30 I realise..

.. the value of comfort over fashion
.. that what matters is not the place, but who you're with
.. that high school life is way easier than life after college graduation
.. that parents always mean well, no matter how they say things
.. that one must always look after ones self, especially at work
.. that I am really responsible for what I do, and what I say
.. that we come to an age where we have to decide. alone.
.. that life is too short to be lived in a rush.


Raft3r said...

so that's how 30 feels like

belated happy birthday na ba?
hope it was a good one

btw, sali ka sa contest ko

Mommie Van said...

great points. i totally agree.

emotera said...

i totally agree. I'll be 30 on two years time and I hope I can fulfill most of my dreams before I reach that age. thanks for sharing this!

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