Live to Learn

The past years I have learned a lot about so many things. Including the national no call registry website, and how to Find Out Who Called You. This was quite a good thing to know as sometimes there are random numbers that pop up on my phone screen which I don’t feel comfortable picking up (especially in the middle of the night). Recently I have also managed to understand the way tax deductible items work, and a few other tips in filing my income tax for this year. So many new things to learn each day, I still surprise myself each time. The other day my colleague went on a trivia night. I have only been on a trivia night once at a restaurant a very long time ago. I probably would know a bit more about travel, geography and countries but I must say I have a lot of learning to do in terms of numbers, arithmetic and such things. Oh well, that’s why life is exciting. We learn something new every so often.


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