Monday, September 08, 2008

House and Floor and Plans

My sister in law and her husband are planning to sell their current small house because in a few months they are expecting to expand their family. They are looking at either buying a built in and ready to move into house, or purchase a lot wherein they could create their own by coming up with their own Country House Plans and have someone build for them. They are still in a toss up trying to decide on this, and they were saying that either way it will be a lot of work. I could not agree with her more. Whatever House Plans they decide on, will entail work. They are just happy to find prepared house ideas online such as log home floor plans, as this makes life a little bit easier.

I was wondering when my boyfriend and I decide to have children later on, and if we should already consider this at all when buying a house. I suppose we should just take one thing at a time.

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