Sunday, August 31, 2008

To read or not to read?

I have so many ideas to do, so many things I want to do.

Recently I have stumbled upon a few good books that I wanted to buy and read. But then I am thinking to myself that I have quite a few things hanging from both my hands.

I have so much to research on the net, as it is.
A lot of my nights are filled with either supplier events, business seminars, wedding planning or just plain relaxing night blogging away.

I have so much pending blogstuff that I cannot seem to balance my time properly with all the plans I have underway.

How I wish I've got even just an extra hour or two in a day.

But then again, I don't think even that would be enough to do everything I have planned.
C'est la vie.


Raft3r said...

i know how that feels like
bilis talaga ng oras, ano?

Constance Chan said...

take it easy one at a time. but glad to see you back in blogsphere! you seemed to have a lot in your hands now..

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