Friday, August 22, 2008

(Still) Calm (So Far) inspite of long list of things to do

Finally, things are falling into place for our December wedding! (Still have my fingers, toes, legs, arms, all crossed!) (And praying too).

So far we have the church all finalized, but the marriage license and other church and legal documents are still not done.

The reception venue that we are having closed, and exclusively hiring (Discovery Country Suites in Tagaytay) is almost all organized. We are booking all their rooms the night before the wedding, so we’ll have butlers answering to our whims. All good except we haven’t decided on which package to take in terms of food choices. And, of course a few other things!

Photographer/s will be decided on within the week. We have a tentative one booked. But we are just looking at last minute options right before we decide.

Guests are slowly coming back to me confirming their attendance. (We are doing a very intimate affair with 50 or so guests only).

Gown and entourage dresses are still pending, but will or should be taken cared of before September. Hair and Make up to be done after.

Souvenirs, Invites, Strings still pending.

I think I still have a quite a FEW things to do! But the good thing is, I am not super panicking yet. We have our church and reception venue firmed up, so that’s the biggest thing. Since it is a small group, it is not overwhelming. Just the way we wanted it. Just really close family and friends. Chosen ones even. It is going to be like a house party, only it is done at a hotel, OUR hotel for the day. This is I guess a dream for me, to have in my life set for the record that I had a hotel entirely to myself (with hubby and guests of course) for our wedding, my ‘small’ big day.

P.S. All above things have been accomplished in 10 days! Which is quite good enough if I may say. Considering I am planning all this from overseas. (Well, I’ve got my sister doing a lot of things for me too, on the side!)


Mommie Van said...

i was a December bride!! waaaa so happy for u marie!

Wapsicle said...

Wow! Congrats! Good luck on the wed preps.

Hmmm... Should I be worried too? Wala pa kami masyadong naaayos. Hahaha! It's a good thing small gathering din sya. Whew!

Happy weekend!

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