Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cooold Sydney weather

We’ve been having just freezing cold weather recently, and I am so much looking forward to warmer days and nights! I know it’s still quite nice (say between 7 and 16 degrees celsius) and bearable compared to Europe or America winter. But still! I am just hoping I could hope on a plane and head to tropical country, or perhaps just go and check out Hilton head homes for sale, maybe it would be a lot warmer. Sometimes when it gets really chilly I just go to my boyfriend and tell him that maybe we should consider relocating to sunny Queensland (where it never really gets too cold). In the northern bit of Australia, it is always tropical and nice, just like Hilton head real estate, the prices of homes for sale Hilton head are a lot more affordable. In Sydney, I’ve read in the papers that there are more and more people buying together piece of land or property, like for example two couples purchasing a home together. It may not be ideal but with real estate being so high then it just makes sense to co-purchase property. I guess, I am just really griping and whingeing now because I am really cold!

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