Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pill vs. Diet vs. exercise

Countdown to 3 months before the wedding is happening in a week’s time. Panic mode is almost switching on, as I am badly needing to diet, or exercise! I was surfing around for the best method for me to trim down even just my tummy and hips. The rest of me is probably fine enough to be seen in a wedding dress. I’ve read that apidexin is quite an effective diet pill but I am not the type to try something new like this, especially not without doing a thorough and extensive research about that pill. I am known to not even take medicine when I am sick with the flu or something. I am sure by cutting down on my sugar, chocolate and cola drink intake I should shed off a few pounds. I wish the weather gets warmer soon so that I can do walks or jogging at the park. At the moment it is still too cold to do this without too much effort. Hopefully soon I get around to this, in time for me to be measured to fit my wedding gown!


Raft3r said...

even without a pill kaya mo yan
to look good in your bridal gown is enough motivattion
kaya mo yan

you can also try pilates
sarap non!

tina said...

I have been using a weight loss diet pill called Lipobind and personally have found that a combination of this pill and exercise has proven to really help my weight. I think some people expect pills alone will do the trick, well it wont and you have to make an effort if your want to slim down.

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