Thursday, August 07, 2008

Siblings and further studies

The other day I spoke with my siblings and they’ve told me that one of them was looking at studying masters in Australia. I would have been so happy for this, if only my sister meant it really. In the past, some of them told me they were interested in taking up some Nouveau Riche course or some other college program that would run for about half a year to as long as a year. For the longest time I’ve been asking any one of them to come visit me, or even live with me for a while to see if they like this country. Well, some of them visited my a few months ago. Even my youngest brother showed interest in taking up a Nouveau Riche course, but of course he was still just a freshman in high school! Still too young to be trying out another country with me as I would rather him still go on and live with my parents (just so he can get proper guidance and all that). Going back to my sister, so as much as I want to get my hopes up and be excited about her wanting to stay and study events management (or some Nouveau Riche course), I try not to think about it too much, until the day she says she’s got her visa all organized. Really, living overseas is not a joke, as it entails a lot of sacrifice and countless homesick moments. I would love to have any one of my family around with me, but only if they want to. After all, no one forced me to leave Manila in exchange for life abroad.

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