Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On buildings and trees

Traveling to countries which don’t have much infrastructure can either be an advantage or a disadvantage for some. A lot of the Western world would have their constructions with Precast Concrete laid out with careful thought accompanied by modern designs. While many countries in Africa (such as Mauritius, which I’ve been to recently) and Asia don’t have it all yet. Tall trees are in place instead of tall department stores, children playing alongside the roads outnumber the cars traveling by. Precast Concrete Septic Tanks may not be something everyone knows about, high rise buildings may not be seen but it surely these pose no hindrance to a real adventure traveler. In fact, sometimes without traces of modernity the place can be more appealing, as it is less commercialized. To each their own, really. Each city’s architecture and infrastructure may be charming in their own way, even the lack of it is welcome (in my opinion that is).

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