Sunday, August 17, 2008

Accommodation challenge

Everyone in the travel industry knows how difficult it is to secure a booking for snow holidays particularly during the peak season in December. I for one have experienced trying so hard to search for Whistler accommodation for two families this coming December. I’ve searched so hard and tried to get them a lovely Whistler lodging to enjoy the holidays at. I have been told by the mom that aside from celebrating Christmas and New Year in Canada, they were celebrating their twin daughters’ seventh birthday as well. This put the pressure on me even more! I find it more engaging when I am told of the stories behind my passengers’ holidays.

Finally after weeks working out to find them a property which would accommodate all fifteen of them, I was able to find the Taluswood Ridge Chalet, which would just be the perfect place for them since it is ski-in and ski-out with 5 bedrooms. They will particularly like the tall window mountain view and the 7 foot television screen!

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