Friday, August 22, 2008

Wedding Chronicles : Air tickets

All the wedding plans I’ve been thinking and doing recently has made me neglect booking our airline tickets! I guess I am not as concerned because the time we are looking to travel will not be during high season. In fact on the way back to Sydney we will be going against the flow of tourist. Just when some of them would be heading to Manila for the holidays, we would be heading home to Australia. I know I should do this within the next few weeks, at least just to give us a starting point on travel plans.

This morning I spoke with my boyfriend asking him where he would like to go for our honeymoon. He was saying possibly Singapore, because that’s where our stopover would be. I told him I would not really like to stay in cheap hotels, but somewhere that would be really nice and reasonable. I am still not sold to having our honeymoon in Singapore. We have just been there last year, on our way to Manila. But then again, we really love that city and my boyfriend even considered looking for a job there. Oh well, I should look at this honeymoon planning thing again later. For now, it’s back to wedding plans.

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