Friday, August 22, 2008

Have you heard about Baby Whale Colin?

A few weeks ago we went Whale watching. It is the season when the migratory sea creatures were heading either north or south (apparently the turnaround was quite quick). So, when I saw this on the news I sort of could imagine, as I saw it's relatives or friends just a few weeks back.

Colin is the baby whale (calf) treading on NSW waters' Sydney region on its own, abandoned by the rest of the group. Colin who for a while thought that one Sydney yacht was it's mum. He kept following the yacht and keeping close to the boat's bottom. The authorities advised the yacht to take the baby whale out onto the deeper part of the ocean, hoping that he would find refuge in other whales. But this did not happen. It still kept tagging along the yacht, and so authorities decided it would be more dangerous for Colin this way and so euthanasia on him was the best option. News article and photos here. Warning, It can be quite a sad picture. I don't think it was right, and there have been protests against this. I don't really know much about whales, but I hope Colin's now at Whale Heaven (i know there isn't such tho).


Mommie Van said...

this post made me sad...

Mummy SHENG said...

yeah, i read about that. sad. i feel for the poor colin!

hesitant wife said...

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thanks and good day!

Raft3r said...

totoo yan
astig, ha
medyo namangha ako

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