Thursday, August 21, 2008

My apologies: Systems were down

The past week I have been sick three times, been to the doctor twice. And I did not enjoy that at all. I was home most of the time. Trudging myself to blog. Struggled to keep myself busy inspite of my immune system being down.

Last Wednesday, Thursday.
I had laryngitis. Thus had this sexy voice for about two and a half days. My boyfriend found it cute. But I just found it uncomfortable. Obviously I could not go to work with my voice that way. I was advised to not talk at all. My body was feeling okay at that time.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
And, then it hit me. Something. I had my voice back, so I tried to go to work. Ended up going home after a few hours. My body felt weak and I was nursing a bad head cold and had this chesty painful cough. Bad case of Sinusitis. So, I took lots of oranges and by monday I was back at work.

I was well and working.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (today) and Friday.
Still working, but by the end of the day I was aching again all over, and officially had the flu. At night I had the worst chills one could have on a Cold Cold winter night. The next day, I brought myself to work. Struggling. I barely made it alive, as my back was aching, my tummy was painful for some medical reason I found out later on. I was feverish. Miserable than ever. The doctor's given me a medical certificate to take the rest of the week off.

I am feeling much better today. I am still on my medication and I am most likely to take tomorrow off again. I would rather get completely well, than come to work and then run back home.

This is the reason why I haven't been visiting sites much. I am hoping to get back to my usual routine soon. Enough of these sick days and bad system. Although, honestly I was able to plan our wedding a bit due to these days at home. Blessing in disguise? Hmm. I prefer to have been home and well tho. I am thankful I am better now.


Mommie Van said...

no worries dear, bloghopping & work better wait, hehehe focus on getting better! TC

Raft3r said...

get well soon, marie!

Wapsicle said...

Aaaww... I hope you're a-ok now. It sucks having the flu.

Happy weekend! :-)

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